Other Alternative Asset Class

If you have a large amount of your assets in traditional Indian Equity and Bonds, you may think of diversifying your allocation to other investment options.

The known options are:

1. Real Estate (you may buy physical real estate or may route your investments through Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), as they are known as. Now your friendly neighborhood Asset Management Company's have also come with Real Estate Mutual Funds.

2. Investments in promising unlisted company's (this may be done through equity or bond route) (There are various preferred routes for investing here, which depends on the stage of the company and funding needed there). The common terminologies here are 'VC or Venture Capital, PE or Private Equity, Strategic Placement. The not so common alternative but getting interesting is the development of Crowd Financing.

3. Investing in Global Equities in US, Asia and Europe. We can use specialized Mutual Fund vehicles here which can help you in investing in global markets.

4. The alternative asset classes may also take the form of precious commodities, Art and Antiques, Vintage Wine, Stamps.

If you think this Asset Class is meant for you or you have more questions to ask, you may get in touch with us