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Mid Career Crisis An Overview

Mid-Career Crisis is caused when

  • You are stuck up at work for reasons beyond and within your control, which remains unidentified.
  • Handicapped by indecision when it comes to taking a call wrt to scope, role, function, responsibilities and reporting.
  • Unhappy with situations, people, business environment and communication.
  • Feel under-utilised or threatened.
  • Feeling unrecognised and not rewarded.
  • When your knowledge is of higher order and you are made to perform lower order level jobs.
  • You are over performing and people deliberately don’t want to recognize your worth.

So, What is mid career counselling?

It is an art and a process of ‘listening’ to your concerns. Aimed at identifying the gaps between your current state and the desired state at work by extending support to you, in arriving at a realistic state of mind by accepting the reality and agreeing to your strengths & limitations. It is a process of building sustainable agreements in dealing with issues related to career, career path, career shift and career changes.

What are the signals?

  • When you are dragging or forcing yourself to the work place.
  • Lack of clarity with regard to work and work place.
  • Crisis in inter-personal relationship at work place.
  • Dissatisfaction with the role and responsibility.
  • Lack of motivation, leading to frustration.
  • Work-life imbalances.
  • Extreme emotions of anger, despair and irritation.
  • When you carry office related tension back home too often & it is beginning to impact your personal relationships.