Our Approach

The most often heard word coming out from everyone is ‘busy’; everyone is busy in the daily grind of life. The relentless pursuits in making your life comfortable turns you blind, while chasing the unattainable targets as yardsticks considered to be the accomplishments in balancing your work and life. And then, comes up the inevitability of a tomorrow, which is replete with the uncertainties of your active life and the carefully preserved self-esteem and one BIG Question!

Will I be surviving through the turmoil of a tomorrow when it comes to MONEY?

Let us put up a 10 very basic and yet pertinent questions to YOU.

  1. How much time do I devote every day in managing my money?
  2. How do I decide the share between my Savings and Investments?
  3. What factors consists of my decision to invest?
  4. Is my investment inflation and tax efficient?
  5. How do I plan to account for the Short term and Long term Capital gains arising out of my investments?
  6. Is my Investment tax compliant?
  7. Am I conversant with each & every aspects of transactions when it comes to my Investments, be it asset re-balancing, redemption, changes & corrections etc?
  8. Do I have the confidence of a research and knowledge backed informed decision making for my Investments?
  9. Do I have a plan to leave an investment legacy for my next generation?
  10. Do I have the intent and the need to appoint a technically savvy, knowledge driven, reputed and trusted Investment Counsellor?

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